2023, Brise Soleil
on view at Brick Bay

2022, The Genius Loci of the Chapel (Bronze Version)
Tai Tapu Sculpture - Permanent Collection Award


2022, The Genius Loci of the Chapel
Sculpture on the Gulf

Photograph: Peter Rees

My artworks, defamiliarise the architectural reference in direct physical relation to the urban or organic environment. A viewer who encounters my public works, for example, can approach or circumnavigate them from many directions on their own terms. The view is not singular; there is not a set perspective engineering a specific response.

Photograph: Peter Rees

2022, Brise Soleil
Sculpture in the Gardens


Brise Soleil, powder-coated aluminium 2.9m x 3 pieces

Brise Soleil (after Jane Drew) is based on a fragment of Jane Drew’s facade for a school in Chandigarh, India. Here the medium is powder-coated aluminium. I wanted the sculpture to refocus the intent of a brise soleil, which is designed to control sun and breeze. The idea of a free standing outdoor brise soleil nullifies that purpose and makes the object nonsensical, moving the object from its architectural anterior, to a new sculptural form.

2021, The Walls #5 & #3

       Wall #5 Corten 2.5m, private commission near Thames

Wall #3 Corten 2.7m, at Tai Tapu Sculpture Garden 2021


2020, The Pool
Ōtautahi -Christchurch

The Pool contains an absurdist element, it is not close enough to water for diving, and it is constructed without stairs. The ambiguity of having a defunct diving board marooned in a city park is a prompt to consider the site and the city's brutalist architecture, known simply as ‘The Cristchurch Style,’ which became a defining feature of Ōtautahi-Christchurch in the 1950s.

The Pool, Glass Reinforced Concrete, Powder-coated Aluminium,3.2m x 800mm

2020, Buronzu
Westfield Auckland

Wall #3 Bronze and steel x 6 pieces


2017, Reading Zen in the Rocks
Sculpture on the Gulf

Bronze and bronze sprayed fibreglass

2014, View to the Pavilion
Sculpture on Shore

Screen, painted cast iron x 3 pieces. Forms, cast iron x 5 pieces